Monitoring and Management

12th International Conference on

Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas

Sept. 2-5, 2024

Camp Reinsehlen, Schneverdingen – Germany

Please consider reducing your carbon footprint when traveling to Schneverdingen in September of 2024!

We will give you a few tips on how to do it:


First of all, Schneverdingen has a train station which has an hourly connection from two major cities: Hannover to the South and Hamburg to the North. So you can easily book your travel on Deutsche Bahn or in you home country’s rail network. Your final destination in Germany should be “Schneverdingen” – and approximately two weeks before the conference, we will send you a query for your planned arrival time as we will provide a free shuttle between the train station and the conference hotels. This way, getting there becomes easier for you.

Please reconsider if you really need a rental car – for the duration of the conference, we will make sure you will get wherever you need to be as long as it is part of the conference program. Your rental car will thus most likely be sitting in the parking lot with zero use. If you still need a rental car, consider offering your open seats to fellow travelers.

If you want to get around during the conference, Camp Reinsehlen and other hotels offer rental bikes, both traditional and electric versions.