Monitoring and Management

12th International Conference on

Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas

Sept. 2-5, 2024

Camp Reinsehlen, Schneverdingen – Germany

The main theme of MMV 12 is: “Recreation for all – Innovations to navigate multiple land use interests”


With an increasing interest in outdoor recreation, the challenges for “a sustainable amount” of recreational use versus nature conservation and other interests such as agriculture, forestry, and renewable energy has become increasingly intense. The interdependency between outdoor recreation and natural resources forms a baseline for the MMV Conference. During MMV 12, we will focus on innovative approaches in visitor monitoring and management that address the following challenges in the field: ­


  • How can we provide high­quality outdoor recreation experiences without compromising with the settings, the scenery and natural resources in a post­modern world? ­
  • How do we increase participation in outdoor recreation by currently underrepresented groups? ­
  • How do we adapt to digitization in the field of outdoor recreation, both from the users’ and managerial perspectives? ­
  • How can innovative science improve monitoring and managing of visitors? ­
  • How to include social participation on monitoring ­ How to ensure the inclusion of the benefits of using natural areas in public policies worldwide?